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Lasix - is a drug which has proved itself successfully in the treatment of edema of various origins. Its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous studies. Lasix belongs to the drugs, the need for which may appear at any time. Promptness beginning of its taking largely determines the successful outcome of treatment. So buy Lasix without a prescription, having won time is often sufficiently important. It is possible to order Lasix without a prescription at any time by visiting the web site of our drugstore. To place an order Lasix is necessary to fill out online form and make payment way you like using the cards - Visa, MasterCard, AmEx. Fast processing of incoming orders plus prompt delivery of Lasix will allow start a course of its taking in the shortest possible time.

The use of Lasix

Lasix is taken orally on an empty stomach. If a patient is prescribed an injection, the drug is injected slowly ? the speed of injection Lasix must be at minimum 1 ? 2 minutes. For adults and adolescents (over 15 years) with a sufficiently moderately expressed edema the initial dosage is 20 ? 80 (mg) ? pills and 20 ? 40 (mg) ? injections (intravenously / intramuscularly). The initial dosage for children: pills ? 2 mg / kg and injections ? 1 mg / kg. Since you can buy Lasix without a prescription, you need to know the optimal dosage and duration of treatment course. This will facilitate the emergence of the stable positive results after the first taking of the drug Lasix.